We take care of it all, for one low monthly fee!

Exactly What Do We Offer for $99 per Month?

Just subscribe to our service and we’ll take care of all this for you

Website set up

Simply choose one or templates to speed things up,
or, if you want more customization then we’ll do it

Hosting included

We will host the website on a reliable and fast server,
and monitor it to make sure your website stays online.

Security Maintenance

We’ll add a SSL certificate to your site and a variety
of security plugins, that we will update to keep your site safe.

Free Backups

We’ll back up your website daily so if anything does goes wrong, we’ll be able to get your site back to where it was quickly

Have A Look At Some of Our Designs

(Just click the links to open the sites up completely)

Why Renting A Website Might Be A Better Option For You

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider renting your website from us…

  • Designed for Conversion

    We don’t just want your website to look good, but we also want it to be a tool that helps attract more customers and educate prospective customers about what you do.

  • Designed for Mobile

    We design for mobile first, which means we make sure your website looks good and works well on all mobile devices, not just desktop computers

  • Website Ranking

    Although we can’t make guarantees, we’ll do our best to make your website rank for some of your target keywords to help drive traffic to your website.

  • Integrate With CRM & Marketing

    Do you have a CRM or marketing system that you currently use? Let us know and we’ll see if we can integrate it with your website so everything is seamless.

  • Regular Scanning

    We will scan your website daily to make sure hackers haven’t inadvertently slipped in any malware code that could cause your site problems

  • We do it all for you, Or ...

    If you want us to make any changes, let us know and we’ll take care of it for you. We also give you access to the site so you can make small day-to-day changes yourself.

The best part is, we do everything for you

No need for you to worry about any of your website related issues. We’ll take care of everything for you.
You just focus your energies on running your business so you can improve your bottom line.

Pre-Purchase FAQ

You only pay your initial month’s payment of $99, followed by another $99 each month on the anniversary of your subscription. There are no hidden costs.

No, we retain ownership of the website, which also means we are fully responsible for maintaining and back up the site. And if the site should ever get hacked, then we shall get it cleaned up and back and running asap at no extra cost to you.

No, we do not include eCommerce or membership sites in this plan.

No, we don’t believe in handcuffing our clients to our service, and instead we only want our clients to remain with us if they are completely happy with the service. If you are not happy then you can cancel your subscription without penalty.

If you choose one of our pre-designed templates, we can have your site online within 24-business hours. However, if your website requires any customization with the design then it could take up to a week to get it online. We obviously want to get your site online as quickly as possible, and you can help by sending us any information that we request as soon as possible.

No, we actually build on one of the many domains that we own. We will select a domain that we will has advantages when it comes to ranking your website for your target keywords in your location. However, we will point your domain to the website and hide our domain, so you’re able to use your own domain on your business cards and other marketing collateral instead of our domain.

Post-Purchase FAQ

Sure you can! You can either send content to us to upload for you, or if you request Editor access to your website then we will provide it. Editor access gives you limited access to the back of the site so you can edit your content, but you won’t be able to install any plugins or make edits to the source code of the website. If there’s any additional functionality that you require on your website, simply reach out to support and request it. There are a lot of plugins that we can use to provide that additional functionality without necessarily breaking up your website.

Support is offered via our ticketing system, which is open during business hours. Most tickets are answered within 24 business-hours, but during busy periods it could take up to 48 business-hours for your ticket to be responded to. All tickets are answered in the order in which they are received and we don’t allow any business to jump the queue by saying their request is an emergency.

We allow a complete re-design of your website once every two-years. We have kept our pricing as low as we possibly can, and to do that we cannot tie up our designers and have them creating new designs each month for each of our clients. We feel that once every two years is fair, and will prevent your website from looking dated.

We monitor what is going on in the world of web design and the search engines. If new technology is introduced that we feel will benefit our clients, we will keep them informed within our monthly newsletter and make recommendations. If you feel that new technology will benefit your website and your business, get in touch and we’ll work with you to get that implemented into your website as soon as possible.

Sure! You can have as many sites as you like! Each site will be charged at the advertised price when you order it.

Just make sure you cancel up to 24 business-hours before you’re next payment and you won’t be charged again once the subscription period is up.

Our Latest News & Articles

Even though we’re taking care of everything for you, we feel it would also be beneficial to educate you about the ins and outs of running a website. Although we hope you will stay with us for a long time, the day may come when you decide to step out on your own. So being informed will help you to make good decisions that benefit you and your company.